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Онлайн тест по английскому (часть 3, им. С.Ю. Витте)

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Описание товара

онлайн сдан на 96,67 баллов (29 из 30 вопросов правильные)- скан прилагается

1) Jim … my best friend but we aren´t friends any longer.
has been
used to be
will be

2) The units … to measure time, space and mass are called fundamental units.
are used

3) In the 20th century, road vehicles and airlines made transportation even faster, and the … of electronic communications connected billions of people.

4) I … him since he … to Moscow.
have not seen … went
had not seen … has gone
did not see … went
will not see … went

5) Millions of people in the Third World have been … because transnational corporations are able to come in and take over the markets and resources that used to be preserved for the benefit of local citizens.

6) I heard the door … and saw my friend … into the room.
to open …to come
opening … to come
open … coming
to open … coming

7) Helen … a motorbike, but last year she sold it and bought a car.
used to ride
is riding
will be riding

8) The … motive is the main concern of business.
health care

9) One computer, using an automated … program, can prepare accounts for an entire organization.

10) The attempts … some sort of criteria of efficiency in the transfer of property to private hands stopped the privatization process.
to impose
were imposed

11) If I … to the cinema, I … an interesting film.

12) The task is to … the audience to determine how to achieve your objectives in the context of these people.

13) He advised us … dictionaries.

14) In the early 1990s, Moscow newspapers were full of advertisements for firms … their services as intermediaries in the taking of official decisions.
will offer
will be offering

15) I told you that I … for Minsk on the 1 of May.
would go
am going to leave
was going to leave
will be going to leave

16) It takes me about 30 minutes to get to work since the new road was opened. It … more than an hour.
is used to take
will be used to take
used to take

17) During the 1990s, corruption became a way of life for the elite, and the main rational basis for decision … .
was made
was making

18) I´d like him … the university but I can´t make him … it.
to enter … to do
to enter … do
enter … do
enter …to do

19) We thought that he … to make his work in time.
will not be able
would not
was not able
could not

20) If I … , I … the exams.
will study …will pass
shall study … pass
studied … passed
study … shall pass

21) The Allied intervention was a multi-national military expedition … during the Russian Civil War in 1918.
was launched

22) I remember … to London.

23) A number of services can be provided to customers after the … .

24) I saw him … of the house.

25) Funds … abroad by top-ranking bureaucrats were discovered in some foreign banks.

26) It is usually difficult … the exact cause of the crisis.

27) He said that he … not do it without my help.

28) Market economies are money-driven without much regard for people unless they are owners or … of business firms.

29) About $5 billion of the international loans provided by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were stolen upon the funds´ arrival in Russia on the eve of the … .

30) 1 think it all happened soon after the meeting … .
had ended
will end
has ended


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